22-month-old child killed in Texas when cement truck falls from overpass onto vehicle

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, it appears the truck’s driver lost control before the collision.

According to Texas authorities, a cement truck driver lost control and plummeted off an overpass into a moving vehicle, killing a 22-month-old set of twin boys.
On the Houston Parkway in east Harris County, the collision happened on a Friday afternoon.
Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted that “it appears a cement truck going on the main lanes lost control, flew over the overpass and fell on top of a vehicle with four occupants.”
According to a representative for the sheriff’s office, the 54-year-old car’s driver, a 22-year-old lady, and one of the twin boys were all able to flee. At the scene, it was confirmed that the other youngster had died.

Witness Raymond Romo, who saw the truck swerve to miss another car before it crashed through the overpass, according to Houston’s NBC station KPRC. He claimed that when the vehicles below tried to move out of the path, the truck was hanging from the overpass.

The truck then reportedly toppled forward and landed on a Ford Expedition, according to Romo, a nearby worker.
He told the news channel, “We saw it when we were in the middle of the parking lot land on the truck.” “I and my pal Joe immediately took action.”
Romo claimed to have first removed the driver’s daughter from the vehicle before attempting to take the 22-month-old twins from the back seat. He informed KPRC that he was able to grab one car seat but not the other.
According to the spokeswoman, the three car’s occupants were taken to the hospital with minor wounds. Despite having minor injuries, the truck’s 36-year-old driver declined medical attention.

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