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Our 7 Step process

Provide us your requirements and get a professional Quote.

There is a 50% payment due to begin.

Both parties sign a secure, legally binding (and convenient) digital contract. Everything is spelled out clearly and in plain English. No advanced legalese or law degree required.

This part is where we need you the most! You can provide a word or google doc with the text for your new site. 

Our user experience experts will help you plan pages and ideal user flows with a sitemap tailored to meet your business goals.

Before we even put pen to paper, we put together several image collections that will hone in on your design direction.

Once you’ve chosen a direction, we’ll create and curate some imagery specifically for you. Logo, illustration, photos, fonts, and colors. All the ingredients for good web design!

We don’t do endless wireframes or mockups like many designers and instead start creating online, right where your new site will live!

We will build your website or App exactly how you wanted.

Each new site we create comes with three months of free managed hosting.

You’re billed Rs200/mo afterwards and you can say goodbye to worrying about WordPress updates, downtime, and broken sites. Plus, there are no pageview / traffic limits.

Enjoy your brand spankin’ new, beautiful, modern, easy-to-use, mission driving, sales making, low maintenance, audience engaging, sexy as hell website!  

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E-Commerce Website

Unison Traders

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